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Three of the resting runners were able to jump out of the way of the vehicle, one (Cynthia Gillespie of Canby, Oregon) was not able to do so and was run over and dragged a short distance, before the truck stopped, resting on the her leg.The original driver of the vehicle confronted Blackmon after chasing the vehicle down.Sophie Stonehewer, 18, used matches and a candle to ignite a lounge curtain belonging to her 43-year old boyfriend Stephen Beddows while he was in bed.Stonehewer, who had been drinking wine, then fled to a neighbour's house and confessed starting the blaze, and later told police 'He [Mr Beddows] made me do it.'Mr Beddows jumped out of bed and put the flames out before the fire caused any major damage to his house in Stockport, Greater Manchester.The preliminary investigation has determined that 58 year old VANWORTH, Pamela of Klamath Falls, was operating a 2004 Scion XB on Hwy 97 near milepost 158 southbound at a very high rate of speed.VANWORTH was passing numerous vehicle and lost control of her vehicle driving into the northbound lane and crashing into a Ford F350.

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The committee, which will include parents, would decide whether parents should be warned if a book contains possibly objectionable material; anti-family, cultural insensitivity, drugs/alcohol/smoking, gambling, offensive language, sex education, sexually explicit, unsuited for age group, violence, "depictions of bullying.") ("Racist." "Degrading, insensitive, and oppressive." "Use of the word 'nigger.'" Banned in 1885 in the Concord, Massachusetts library for being what the Public Library Committee called "trash".

The Ford was an Oregon Department of Transportation Incident Response truck operated by 36 year old BENSON, John of Redmond. BENSON was released with minor injuries and VANWORTH remains in ICU.